Troubadour is cosy feeling like a chef fun no worries creativity

Due to corona measures, we had to be introduced to this establishment via take-away, but that was definitely not a downside. Friendly welcome and a very smooth and well-organised takeaway. The food was superb and both preparing and dressing the plates was very easy thanks to info sheet provided.
It was our first, but definitely not our last time to takeaway here.
We already can hardly wait until the restaurants can reopen and we can indulge ourselves locally at the Troubadour.

It really is the IKEA effect, when you put together a cabinet from this Swedish chain you really feel like a furniture maker, when you put together John's traiteur menu you really feel like a real chef

A unique experience, best caterer in Antwerp and surroundings...

We couldn't go there for dinner unfortunately due to corona measures but for a special occasion then ordered the take away menu. Turned out to be a hit! Super tasty dishes and very well organised. With the explanation we were given, the dressing of such a plate was not too difficult. Super satisfied.

Time and again, John has been able to surprise us with his take away menus! Always very tasty at a good, fair price! Tonight again! We are fans! Stijn and Peggy

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